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GIFA'19 - Over now for another 4 years!

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SYNCHRO ERP Team had an excellent show

An excellent show…a good mix of existing customers, many prospective and potential business partners visited the booth.

We had the great pleasure of catching up with many of our SYNCHRO customers, many were exhibiting at the show and others just visiting. 
There was a great deal of interest from prospective customers, some of whom had made appointments to meet with us for demonstrations. 
There were some interesting things to see at the show, a mix of new technology and innovative is incredible how fast new technology is finding its way into the casting industry.

We noticed the days didn’t really start to flow until around 10.30 am however from then on, the stand was busy, we were pleased with volume of footfall on the booth.

The weather during the show was amazing, maybe a little too warm while we were in the exhibition halls; It was 38 degrees Celsius!


After the show seeing a small part of a beautiful city and sampling some of the fantastic local cuisine.
Some of us really loved the sauerkraut...delicious.

Fun Time…we created

We do have to mention something that happened on one of the evenings,  a team members (who will remain unnamed) went for a jog.

He carefully planned his route, downloaded the local map to his phone and jogged 3 km to a place on the river with several statues, spent a little time looking around enjoying the view and then started back. Now he will not say exactly what happened, all we could get out of him is that he managed to take a wrong turn and the jog back to the hotel was 11 km!

Our wonderful, super fabulous pens…and pads!

The promotional items that we bought to the show went down well, especially the newly designed pens that flew off the shelf!

Flying pens!

That’s what we like something unique.

Great Team…and here they are...

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