ERP Software Specific for the Cast Metal Industry

Our Vision

To provide the Cast Metal Manufacturer with exceptional support and affordable software, potential for growth and a level playing field; No extensive costs for additional modules or high upfront fees!

What our customer's tell us

'Don't know how we would function without SYNCHRO'
- Bremer Manufacturing Inc

I just want to take a moment to thank you for your exceptional efforts in making our Go-Live a success. This project has been a critical need to support the growth of our organization for a very long time. Your commitment every step of the way is appreciated and was ‘above and beyond.’
We are grateful and thank you again. Mike Lafleur - PRL Industries Inc

Always a pleasure to deal with you guys, you are so easy to work with and helpful and always rapidly resolve any queries. Dave Tucker - Investacast

We found the Remote Training both incredibly useful, and Inspiring. Tim & Karen - William Cook

'I have really enjoyed the training sessions so far, they have raised significant areas for improvement which is great. I am going to work with the Team to ensure this learning is applied so that they improve performance through using the system' Ian - Sarginsons

As always it was good to chat earlier, you never fail to cheer me up – thank you.
I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to each and everyone of the Synchro Team who have tirelessly helped me with the program Lorraine - Lesney Industries

Great feedback after the setup of the Synchro ERP Document Library Service "Excellent, Thank you for helping set this up, this is a very important step in automating our Paperwork" Jim - Spring City

As a new user to Synchro, initial training is very important. I have found Synchro's remote training sessions very beneficial. The structured 2 hour slots are ideal, long enough to cover a specific set of topics but flexible enough to allow you to keep doing the 'day job' The tutors are very knowledgeable and clearly skilled at delivering remote training. I would recommend these sessions to other Synchro users (new or otherwise) Tim Appleton - William Cook

You guys have been there every time I've needed you. We decided on Synchro having seen it in action at another foundry and the reputation of Synchro within the Casting Industry Dale - BR Metals

Awesome, thank you again you guys are always helpful Lawrence - Spring City

Synchro is very flexible and was able to be adapted to our process rather than requiring us to adapt to its requirements. Bill Foust - Clarksville

THANK YOU! That worked beautifully. You guys are awesome. Mahoney

Its so nice to get great support for a great product Dale, BR Metals

I would like to thank all who have rendered assistance to us during the year and for your patience in doing so. White Industries

Every Cast Metal manufacturer should be using SYNCHRO, if not why not?

Tom Renk

Thanks for all the help. We always appreciate your high level of service. Tennetek Inc

If all my suppliers gave me the excellent service that Synchro does I would be a very happy man. Meighs & Westleys

It appears that whatever you did worked. Thanks so much! One of our customers has over 400 parts so it was a tedious time consuming task to delete all the empty rows on their price list. We always appreciate the prompt response and great service the Synchro team provides. Jim McKee

If all my suppliers gave me the excellent service that Synchro do I would be a very happy man, Jean-Marie you are a star and my new best friend. Geoff Macaskill - Meighs & Westleys Ltd

This is some "awesome sauce" stuff! Bravo to Synchro....this will be a great tool for Alliant Castings.
Tom Renk

As always, I appreciate all the time you've put into getting me on the road again. It can be a hard slog at times. White Industries

Thanks very much for the quick replies and service supplied by yourself and others at SYNCHRO, makes resolving issues on this end much easier as it is usually something we haven't done adequately and forces us to improve David Farrelly

We were nervous about the new Ruby menu when it was introduced, but now it’s here, we love it. very easy to use, and looks great
Archibald Young Ltd

I just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with what was presented on the BRM webinar. We are looking forward to implementing the module.
Thanks, Jim McKee

The BRM module is working well, I have not had any issues with the outgoing
This module has definitely made part of my job much easier !

Manchester Metals, Inc.

We couldn't have grown without SYNCHRO Boro Foundry Ltd

We love SYNCHRO, it's our Holy Grail! Bradken Resources Pty Ltd

Today is Thanksgiving here in the US. As I consider all I have to
thankful for I realize I need to let the people in my life know that
I am thankful for what they do for me. I want to thank everyone at
SYNCHRO for the work you do and the support you provide.
Implementing SYNCHRO in our foundry has been a blessing for our
company. It has streamlined order processing and given us instant
access to information that has led to improved quality and
production. With SYNCHRO we are able to instantly see job status
and history which not only helps us internally but also greatly
impresses our customers. When customers learn that we have
touch screens in our shop areas where we can pull up job specific
instructions as well as photos and drawings they are not only
impressed but develop an increased confidence in our ability to
serve their needs. I am looking forward to utilizing additional
features of SYNCHRO and am excited about the improvements this
will have within our operations. Thank you for all that you do to
Perfection Molders USA

Send a support gets resolved

Joyce Barnhard Superior Aluminum

SYNCHRO added a machining services company and this saved them so much inter-company paperwork this eliminated a position within the company. Rachel said this was good as it was her position! she stayed employed, pushing her in a new direction within the company Mahoney Foundries Inc

After POK bought the new ERP software in mid-2012, I knew that it would be a life‐changing event for the company; there would be a time when we would refer to “Before or After SYNCHRO”. We believe that this “After SYNCHRO” time of our history has made things easier than ever.
Information is flowing and upper management is being able to make more informed decisions about the future of the company.

The implementation of an ERP has proven to be very challenging but Above all, extremely useful and necessary!


5 Stars ***** - Love the SYNCHRO software and the customer service is outstanding!

Amber Lynn
Erie Bronze & Aluminum Co

We always find Tech Support happy, swift and helpful... new program features are always being added.
We are as happy with SYNCHRO ERP as we have ever been and that's a long time!

Katrina Polkenthorn Orion Precision

Whenever we need anything, you have always been, and always are, readily available... We trust in SYNCHRO. The support is excellent, and a huge boost to our confidence... everything we ask for always seems to be do-able.

Martin Woodnet Precision Investment Castings

Thanks for the help. We always appreciate your high level of service. Tennetek Inc.


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