ERP Software Specific for the Cast Metal Industry


Generic systems are a poor match for this powerful software solution


SYNCHRO's Implementation Methology


  • Identify where your business is today and what are your company goals
  • Business direction, identify possibilities 
  • How SYNCHRO propose to meet the hurdles and goals
  • Third party products to integrate
  • Address concerns of the business 
  • Bespoke development required
  • Cost budget forecast


  • Implementation planning drawn up onsite
  • Each phase is designed/planned/detailed covering the Global Implementation
  • Work within the scope of your companies expectations
  • On time, on budget metrics included within the Global Implementation Plan
  • Task management responsibilities
  • Project meeting schedule - remote or/and onsite
  • Training Plan
  • Set 'Go Live' date for each phase


Minimum hardware requirements for SYNCHRO ERP

 If your needs exceed 20 users please contact technical support for further assistance

 Server Requirements (minimum):

Pentium I-7, Xeon or similar (dependent upon server side processing load)

4GB RAM plus 8mb RAM per 1GB of disk space

500GB Hard disk (more if storing large amounts of video/pictures)

SQL Server / SQL Server Express (SQL Server 2008 or higher)

* Please note: Additional RAM and processor power may be required if client machines take advantage of Terminal Service or Citrix connections.

Communication Requirements (minimum):

Broadband Internet access (including email for updates)

Remote access software: i.e. Remote Desktop, Terminal Services, Goto Assist, VNC, Adobe Flash player


Network Requirements (minimum):

LAN: 1GB/10GB: Microsoft Networking (for wireless networking please contact technical support for further information)

Branded network switches and LAN cards (1GB/10GB)

Drive 'S' (the ability to map a local network drive letter)


External Software Requirements (minimum):

Crystal Reports Version (latest version)

All view/print/export drivers are packaged with SYNCHRO; however, one Crystal Reports license will be required for each machine creating or amending reports


HTML publication facilities (if website exports updates required)


Client Requirements (minimum):

Windows 8,10 and 11

Intel I-3 or equivalent or higher

4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended for Windows 8 – 10 PC’s)

800mb local hard disk free

17" (1024x768) Monitors - 19" (1280x1024) Preferred


Note: Please make sure graphics cards do not use any part of your systems RAM. Separate branded cards are recommended.

If you have any queries on these specifications please contact for further assistance.


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