ERP Software Specific for the Cast Metal Industry


Generic systems are a poor match for this powerful software solution



  • System Wide - Yes / No options

The ‘Yes/No’ options allow individual foundries to set the system to their method of work. No two foundries will have the same settings.The language console enables each foundry to tailor any written word used inside the software so that you can retain your own familiar terminology.
Crystal Report enables the creation of documentation made to match your current paperwork in use throughout your business.

  • User Security

Control access to both functionality and modules on a user baisis for integrity and confidentiality of data.

  • Language Console

Where every singe written word can be modified to your terminology, having total control, setting the language but also data defaults and formats.

  • Global Languages

If several languages are spoken in your business SYNCHRO can easily accommodate this. The system can also hold multi languages to ensure everyone knows what to do!

  • Form Specific

Forms can be controlled for access user by user but creating your own tables to comprehensively and securely record the data that really matters to you and in a display that reflects your operations.

  • User Specific 

Where a user can set any search screens, ribbon tabs, ribbon short cuts, report access, colum orders to their own unique specific requirements.

  • Users

With Security in mind each user has a number of options to control their access to functionality, windows and even tabs for each one.To make life easier and create a more pleasant work environment SYNCHRO has also built in a range to User tailoring options such as Themed Ribbon and a Quick Access Custom Shortcuts and Custom Background Images.

  • Crystal Report

Enables the creation of documentation to match your existing specific requirements as well as giving each customer total control to develop any reports at no cost as the implmentation of SYNCHRO progresses. 

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