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Understanding the Scheduling System (Back Scheduling)

SYNCHRO ERP has a unique way of scheduling which suits all types of foundries from a very small foundry which requires only a basic scheduling facility – along the lines of "tell us when we should start to make it" – right through to the most sophisticated of foundries which need to have a powerful graphical modelling facility. This is achieved by having two totally different, but intimately integrated scheduling tools.

Auto Back-Scheduling is a default system which uses the ‘lead-days’ concept from the Product Profile/Process Routes database. Each process stage in a process route holds details of the number of lead-days that should be allowed for that stage (TIME).

The lead-days can be scaled to allow for the effect of batch quantities (CAPACITY).

Although it is a simple concept it works very effectively.

The Scheduling draws on information stored in a number of different areas within SYNCHRO including the Process Calendar, using the working week for the process and the Downtime / Holidays from the Company calendar and Route Processes using the data entered under the ‘Capacity’ and ‘Lead Days’.

 The Scheduling screen displays graphical and numerical details regarding the work in progress schedule for the foundry for those sales orders that have been entered on to the system. As with a large majority of the ‘list’ views within SYNCHRO it is possible to change the ‘column width’, ‘hide columns’ and ‘move’ the columns within the list to ‘design’ the view to suit the individual user.

This area of the software is highly customisable with the assistance of Grid selection and very flexible allowing the User to create and store regular views as filters.

Example GANTT Scheduling Chart

GANTT Scheduling

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