ERP Software Specific for the Cast Metal Industry


Generic systems are a poor match for this powerful software solution

System Description

System Description

The system has extensive capabilities including the following foundry specific areas:-

1. Serialised casting tracking through all functions

2. Melting control - Furnace Recipe Optimisation - (New)

3. Heat Treatment Tracking

4. Weld Tracking

5. Quality plan tracking (including the recording of results by serialised casting)

6. Certification creation (including integration with spectrometer, tensile machine, etc)

7. Foundry specific scheduling tool (drag & drop enabled)

8. Tooling management

9. Dedicated shell tracking module

10. System configuration tool to fine tune the system to specific foundry requirements 

11. Reverse BOM (New)

12. Purchase Settlement (New)

As well as having foundry specific functionality the system also has all the usual ERP functionality you would expect from a none specific ERP solution which include:- 

1. Sales order processing

2. Purchase order processing

3. Employee time management

4. Stock Control

5. Rep commissions management

6. CRM & BRM Customer & Business Relationship Management (New)

7. Equipment maintenance management

8. EDI - Electronic document interface

9. Full bar code/QR code enabled

10. Approved supplier maintenance (including KPI’s)

11. KPI Dashboards

12. Subcontract operation tracking

13. Full departmental/user security

14. SQL stored procedure control

15. Document library that automatically creates PDF copies of documents sent to the customer 

16. Extensive Reporting via Crystal Reports or built in tools (search screens, history look up etc)

17. Inter Warehousing Transfer Management

18. Configurable for Metal Alloys Business

The system also comes with 4 main software components:-

1. Windows services (these sit on the server and maintain automated tasks such as email, data import, data export, etc)

2. Windows software application

3. Windows/touch screen SFDC (shop floor data collection) application

4. Tablet SFDC APP Shop Floor (can be used with or without WIFI, it will update stored data as soon as WIFI connection is established)

5. Report Metrics (Local Dashboards, live shop floor instructions and so much more)


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