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> CRM & BRM Customer Relationship Management Incorporating BRM Business Relationship Management Module

Managing all the company's relationships and interactions within the business, supports internal and external communication, streamline processes, improving both profitability and quality of service. The Scope of the BRM includes a Customer Relationship Management - CRM  company emails, written and verbal communications as well as management of all internal activities.

The facilities and features are available for both customers and suppliers.

CRM & BRM - Customer & Business Relationship Management Module
Task & Events Time Lines Cross System Document Marshalling Priority & Rule Escalation
Event Monitoring Cross Topic Integration Task Monitoring
Rule Based Prioritization Phone Log Entries Phone, Internal Activity
Multiple Personal & CRM Email
Account Access

Topic, task Phone Log


Postage Logs
Phase 4 in Development

Topics Communication Tracking Information Tracking

Cross Linking & Indexing

Interaction Exchange Supplier Communication Tracking
Activity Logs Customer Communication Tracking Global & Specific Email Accounts
Internal Communication Tracking Integrated Emails Email Address Management
Email Templates

Email Headers & Footers Tailored for Individual and Company

Rotational Groups for effective Multi Level Communication
Set Topic Administrator

Set a User As BRM Admin - View Topics regardless of Security Setting

Set A User to Trigger the Loading of the task and Topic Windows on Log In

This is an extensive system which includes Business Communication Tracking, cross linking and indexing to readily form communications between information, monitoring, tracking and scheduling.

The SYNCHRO ERP Business Relationship Management (BRM) is a comprehensive software available within the SYNCHRO ERP software. It manages all the company's relationships and interactions within the Business and helps you stay connected to everyone, streamline processes, internal communications and ultimately improve both profitability and quality of service. The Scope of the BRM includes a Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Company Emails, Written and Verbal Communications as well as Internal Activities Management. All these topics are available for both Customers and Suppliers.


Developed in-house by the SYNCHRO ERP development team; the system is also utilized throughout our global office network.

Video and training material is available on request.

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