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  • Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II

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    As we start the bank holiday in the UK for the Queens Platinum Jubilee I thought I would share some facts about it with you ..

  • A bundle of pups!

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    Is there anything cuter than a bundle of puppies!

  • What a great Exhibition

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    Well what a fantastic Exhibition CastExpo 2022 was ..

  • New Team Member!

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    ‘It’s getting harder to tumble out of bed, stumble to the kitchen and pour myself a cup of ambition.’

  • Wildelife in Brazil - Siriema or Secretary Bird

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    Sitting on the porch at a friends house the other week and this bird landed in the garden and just walked up to us.

  • 15th World Conference & Equipment Expo

    Posted on in Exhibitions

    Synchro ERP are proud to be attending the 15th World Conference & Equipment Expo 2022

  • Faced the fear!

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    Some of you may remember a while ago I wrote a blog about facing my fear of needles and giving blood ..

  • CastExpo & Metalcasting congress 2022

    Posted on in Past Exhibitions

    Synchro ERP are proud to be attending the 2022 Castexpo & Metalcasting congress

  • Ahhh Holidays

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    Family holidays are just the best...

  • Christmas Traditions!

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    I thought I would investigate some of the teams Christmas traditions to share with you all..

    I asked them 5 questions and here’s what they said …


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