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  • A hell of a trip!

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    Most of my trips starts with some reasonable planning; you have to identify the best flight, seats, airports, connection times, hotels, etc. The main idea is to be prepared for any surprise.


  • The Isle of Man TT – fast and dangerous

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    The Isle of Man is a small island in the Irish Sea midway between England and Ireland. It has a population of approximately 80,000 people, is 30 miles (48 km) long and 10 miles (16 km) wide. Famous for Manx cats – no tails, its ancient language and the worlds oldest legislative (parliament) assembly.

  • Lucky Green Fingers?

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    I would like to introduce myself. I am Linda Beckett I have worked in accounts departments for more years than I care to remember, the last 5½ of these have been as part of the SYNCHRO ERP team. Dealing with figures on a day to day basis I turn to my garden and growing plants as a form of relaxation. I particularly enjoy getting plants for free or almost free. Growing them from cuttings or from saved seeds

  • Living in South Africa

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    Arriving for the first time and as a well-travelled individual, the first thing I noticed is that it looked remarkably familiar...but different. This is the same kind of initial impression I had when I first visited Australia and New Zealand. The common theme here of course is that these countries are all part of the Commonwealth and part of their legacies are very similar indeed.

    Security and Violence in South Africa are well-documented topics on the worldwide news. The first drive away from the airport revealed a landscape with houses and heavy electric fencing, a very unusual sight.

  • Looking Ahead

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    Please allow me to be the “last” person to welcome you to 2018. A new year full of vast opportunities in the liquid metal industry.

  • The life of a travelling man does not always run smooth........

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    When sitting in a hotel waiting to fly you just never know what you are in for as is so easily illustrated by the email I received at 10pm on a nice Saturday evening while waiting to fly from London’s Heathrow airport (yes London does have nice weather sometimes)

  • MCC April 2018

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    The Leading Industry Event for Education and Networking

    The 122nd Metalcasting Congress is April 3 - 5, 2018 in Fort Worth, Texas.

  • New Year's in Copacabana, Rio

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    Brazilian celebrations always have twinkling eyes and an anticipation of something new. Every year, people from all over the world go to the most popular shores of Brazil to experience the amazing glory of the New Year's celebration, especially in Rio de Janeiro. The city is the official party and celebration headquarter for the New Year's and one of the most popular locations is Copacabana beach.

  • Delivery of an Interesting Christmas Present

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    In December 2016 I was asked to help deliver a surprise package as a Christmas present.

    This involved:

    45 Minute plane flight

    150 Mile drive in the UK

    24 hours on a ferry (500 miles)

    600 mile journey through Spain – North to South

  • Elf on the shelf 2017

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    It’s that time of year again at Support manager and Social media manger Lee & Victoria’s house!


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