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  • COVID - 19

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    A brief update...

  • Lost Property

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    Back in early September, I flew out of Gatwick airport and whilst waiting to board, I left my tablet on the seat at the boarding gate.

  • Merida – A city with a rich Roman heritage

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    Despite COVID and all its issues I was able to drive to the city of Merida in the region of Extremadura in Western Spain. It is about 400kn North West of Malaga not too far from the Portuguese border. I stayed in a hotel in the centre – the chain is well known for converting Convents and Castles into good hotels, they were fastidious about cleaning and social distancing. The food was good as well.

  • Marshmallows

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    It does not matter how old you are...

  • The Rollercoaster

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    Several times over the past 2 months I have started to put fingers to my keyboard to write a COVID-19 blog entry and each time I have decided to wait to see what tomorrow brings and each tomorrow has bought a new phase to our journey.

  • Print for Victory, or, How to be a good Human

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    Welcome one & all to another blog, and what strange times I find myself writing this in… as I type, the UK finds itself in another national Lock-down, which we are now, oddly familiar with.

  • Goat Man, Mouse man, Cat Man, Snake Man and now……………. Bat Man

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    Over a period of time I have returned a young goat to its owner, trapped and released a mouse, rescued a very small kitten, and a snake! See previous Blogs!

  • Covid - 19 in Brazil

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    There are lots of statistics out there, country by country, that look at how we are all coping, or not, with this current pandemic. I say current as it is not the first this world has faced and most certainly will not be the last.

  • A new normal at the airport

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    I traveled through London Gatwick airport for the first time recently. I realized that the number of flights have been reduced due to COVID-19 but, I had not realized quite how different the airport travel experience would be.

  • How not to buy a pair of shoes - UPDATE

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    My blog on 31st August showed how mistakes can be made.


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