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  • Legend of Thanksgiving

    Posted on in Shane's BLOG

    When the first metalcasters arrived in the new world, what would one day become the thirteen colonies and ultimately the United States of America, they landed in Plymouth.

  • Main Stream

    Posted on in Shane's BLOG

    Metalcasting has its origins traced back over five-thousand years. I have serious doubts that even the most enlightened and envisioned metalcaster of lore could even fathom what today’s metalcasting is all about.

  • Where Investment Casters Meet: ICI 2017

    Posted on in Shane's BLOG

    Investment casters spanning the globe recently crossed paths on the banks of the Ohio River in the fair city of Covington Kentucky USA for the 2017 edition of the 64th Technical Conference and Equipment Exposition.

  • Melt Deck and the Lab

    Posted on in Shane's BLOG

    Shane Allen & His Buddy Wyatt Earp, a Min-Pin

    I am coming to you today from the melt deck as I adjust the metallurgical specifications using the new LCM module, Least Cost Mix...

  • Searching…

    Posted on in Shane's BLOG

    A big Texas Howdy to all of you fellow metalcasters,

    I am pleased to report that I have weathered the hurricanes without issue!

  • Tool Time: The Importance of Tooling

    Posted on in Shane's BLOG

    “How can you expect to ship a good casting when you have bad tooling to start with?”

  • 64th Technical Conference 2017

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    We are proud to announce we will be attending

  • Limit of Some Function

    Posted on in Shane's BLOG

    Hello and Welcome to the July 2017 posting of my blog,

    Comments, feedback, and ideas for future blog postings are always welcome at and I’d like to hear from you. I can also be reached directly in the USA Texas at 800-323-2808 xt. 1.

    Our own Simon Adlington came up with this month’s topic of formulas.

  • Kink in the Supply Chain

    Posted on in Shane's BLOG

    Greetings and Salutations to my fellow metalcasters,

    Welcome to the June 2017 edition of my blog. This month, I am going to write about the importance of the supply chain and how the SYNCHRO ERP software can prevent any kinks.

  • app image

    WEBINAR - App Webinar Phase V (Concluded)

    Posted on in Concluded Webinars

    The conclusion of our App Webinar Phase V join Shane Allen and Jean-Marie Darchicourt as they explore additional areas of the SYNCHRO ERP tablet APP for metalcasters. This webinar focus's on time collection, subcontract receipts, material stock take, as well as non UID part inventory. In case you missed it, please view the prior APP webinar as a primer. That webinar covered WIP & Scrap Booking, PO Receipts, Pending Bookings, Images & Videos, Product Corrective Action Requests, and the Data Sheet.


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