ERP Software Specific for the Cast Metal Industry


Generic systems are a poor match for this powerful software solution


  • Different Reporting Options:

  • My Reports

Available only to the holder of the Username /Password combination entered into a given computer, i.e. under an individual's profile.

  • System Reports

Available to all system users given clearance to reporting functions.

  • Export Reports

Export Reports provides the ability to export information, in a pre-sorted and organized form to a wide range of receivers for the exported data such as; Access, Lotus 123, Excel and various accounting systems.

  • Report Generator

Report Generator is a short cut to Crystal Reports making Crystal Reports quickly accessible from within SYNCHRO.

  • Report Scheduler - Unmanned

The report scheduler is a powerful tool that will allow you to deliver business intelligence to the people who need it when they need it. The Scheduler can be used to e-mail reports directly to your key staff. No more waiting for reports to be compiled for that morning meeting, have the reports delivered to a shared access folder so all staff have access to the latest and unedited intelligence.
To Do Lists, WIP reports, Metal Usage reports delivered to your shop floor supervisors on a daily basis, unattended, on time, every day, any hour, day or night. 
The scheduler can also deliver reports to external customers or suppliers, monthly statements, delivery schedules and customer work in progress reports; all these can be set-up on a schedule saving you time and money.

  • Live Reports

Live data in your web browser; refreshes DashBoard reports in background ready for immediate viewing.

  • DashBoard

View Sample Dashboards - Free to all SYNCHRO users - explore

  • Hand Held Devices

DashBoard - Sample Report - Quality Assurance

  • Report Docking

Report docking enables users to quickly launch reports used frequently for faster access to the information.

  • History Lookup

 These screens enables users to find any information on the go and export it to a variety of formats for further analysis. Reporting and History do not just empower your business, it also enables you to make informed decision, every time.

  • Crystal Report Training and Tutorials - explore

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