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Inventory and Shipping

  • Inventory and Shipping  

Gathers all necessary functions to fully manage your stocks up to and including shipping.

This section is all about controlling your Inventory of Finished goods and Materials. Warehousing Management is also included for precise location and control of stocks.
The Product Inventory hold a complete list of manufactured (and sometimes purchased) products held on inventory (store), along with detailed information such as; Created, Batch ID, Issue, Job No, etc.

  • Material Inventory

The Material Inventory screen allows the user total control of purchased inventory held in stock. It provides the facility to view and edit inventory items along with the ability to enter chemical and physical information relating to materials.

  • Manual Usage

In normal circumstances the stock held in inventory is automatically 'issued' through the 'Deduct Material' when Product Booked' or 'Deduct Material when Product Scrapped' in the Product Routing screen.
However, it is possible to deduct stock from inventory and allocate it to a 'job' manually.

  • Reservations

The reservation menu enables the allocation of both Products and materials to specific orders in advance of their actual usage, a useful tool when a customer has requested a very specific item.

Warehouse Locations allow users to create internal, customer or supplier owned warehouses with address and contact information in addition to structured locations i.e. rack, shelf, aisle. The use of the locations in inventory and the shipping to and from these locations will then be enabled within SYNCHRO ERP

No Inventory management system would be complete without a stocktaking option and we at SYNCHRO have built one which enables you to create sessions for aspects of your inventory; select from Finished Goods, Materials or WIP in any combination

You've got the orders; you've made the Products and they are now ready for shipping. This section takes you through the process of creating the correct records and documentation required to control your shipping

Create and maintain all the varying requirements demanded from different Ports, sample screen for a the Port in Melbourne

The 'Bill of Ladings' allows the user to print a bill of laden for the shipment, providing total weights and goods being shipped. This document is normally required by the driver of the vehicle carrying the goods.

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