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A bundle of pups!

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Is there anything cuter than a bundle of puppies!

Lee and I are a bit tired today after being up all night with our dog having puppies!

We knew it was coming as due date was looming but when we noticed our dog behaving differently at tea time yesterday we knew it was nearing time.

All prepped with our gloves, towels, homemade whelping box, heat mat and a million other things (there is a lot required for pups) we settled down and waited ..

Around 11pm we noticed she was having contractions and within 10 mins pup 1 was born pup 2 shortly followed and we thought that was it then 40 mins later pup 3 came!

We woke our children so they could come and experience the magic of nature - they loved it.

Lee was an excellent midwife while I watched worried!

Mum and pups are all doing really well.

Vicky & Lee

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  • Sun, Sea, Sand and Spring!

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    My last Blog described going to a Spanish Ski slope.

    Whilst the weather in Southern Spain was cold and wet in October and November (the rain is sorely needed) it has been sunny and dry for about 6 weeks or so. Down on the coast it can still be T shirts and shorts.

  • Sand in my socks!

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    Another lap of the sun and another year older for all of us, but namely today the youngest in our family, little Finley Arthur. Finn’s come a long way in his two years and is now speaking in short sentences, but usually starting with “duggee, hey daddy duggee, is duggee daddy, look!”.


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