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  • I was there!

    Posted on in BLOG

    Imagine a record that stood for over 80 years and being there to witness it!

  • We‘ll be whizzing down the mountain when we come

    Posted on in BLOG

    Aah, February half term…. The dreaded post-Christmas week off for children in the UK, ..and its always an odd week to try to fill for them to avoid that feared line “we’re booooored”.

  • World Book Day 2019

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    World Book Day or World Book and Copyright Day is a yearly event organized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, to promote reading, publishing and copyright. In the United Kingdom, the day is recognized on the first Thursday in March.

  • High Tea!

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    A couple of birthdays back, I was treated to a special day out.

  • Carnival Approaches

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    When we saw this the other day, we knew we are now approaching Carnival time in Brazil.

  • El Torcal

    Posted on in BLOG

    El Torcal is a national park about 45km north of Malaga.

  • Gordon the gecko!

    Posted on in BLOG

    After reading Richards various animal related Blogs it reminded me of Gordon the gecko!

  • An unusual Notice!

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    I have been working in the metals industry for most of my life and I have seen a lot of notices (mostly safety notices of one sort or another) but I recently saw one that I did not understand.

  • Sun, Sea, Sand and Spring!

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    My last Blog described going to a Spanish Ski slope.

    Whilst the weather in Southern Spain was cold and wet in October and November (the rain is sorely needed) it has been sunny and dry for about 6 weeks or so. Down on the coast it can still be T shirts and shorts.

  • What's your dream car?

    Posted on in BLOG

    For over 100 years now, 1 of the most popular form of transport has evolved into quite amazing pieces of engineering capable of delivering fun and thrills as well as being practical. For this blog I shall focus on the fun and thrills part only and the old cliché of ‘It’s not about getting from A to B but how you get there’


  • POK


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