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    Just before Christmas, I spent a weekend in Guildford, Surrey which was very nice.

    I got to do some Christmas shopping and while there we visited Shere, a small village not far from Guildford.

  • New Year, New Loans.

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    This morning Team Synchro have been re lending some of our Kiva credit. We have managed to lend to 3 people and complete the amounts they needed, they now have the full loan amount they need and can use it.

  • A Spanish Galleon

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    Reading the local English paper, they had a picture of a replica Spanish Galleon that would be moored in Malaga harbour. So, Sunday morning with fine weather off we go down the old mountain road to Malaga.

  • Every Picture Tells a Story

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    If you’re as old as me you might think the title is a Rod Stewart album first released in the early 1970’s. It is but this is the picture’s story – there are two parts to it!!

  • The 11th hour of the 11th Day

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    I suppose I am showing my age but I can remember watching the ceremony in Whitehall on the BBC from the age of about 8. My grandfather and Uncle both served in the first world war and I have been lucky to meet and speak to people who served in that conflict and the one that followed.

  • Australia you've been amazing!

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    Perth - The last day – almost.

    You can go down the swan river about 20km to Fremantle and then out to a small Island – Rottnest. On the way we were part of an exercise by the Australian SAS who were practising/training how to get close to a moving vessel.

  • Darwin & Perth

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    Flew into Darwin from Alice Springs – 2 hours north. Even landing at 7pm you can feel the heat and humidity difference.

  • When in Rome!

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    Perhaps the Sydney equivalent of this is to go to the beach – Bondi beach. The name is very well known. Bondi was originally ‘’Boondi’’ which is an aboriginal word which describes the meaning as the noise made by sea waves breaking on the beach.

  • Australia Continued ..

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    Taking off in the rain from London Gatwick but there are three cameras to watch it, one in the nose, one in the tail and one looking down from the underside of the fuselage.

    Interesting to watch the runway disappear and the green fields of Sussex get smaller as we took off towards the west. We then turned right and headed out east on the 6.5-hour flight. Distance is around 5,500 km.

  • How Far Can a Laptop Slide?

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    A silly question you might ask or think!

    Not something I would ever have thought of until it happened!


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