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  • Cartagena

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    Snap decision one Thursday to drive to see Cartagena in Murcia which is south eastern Spain. As ever sat nav utterly accurate – 4 hours to do 405km. Great drive around Granada and up into the wooded hills on very quiet roads. Scenery changes and the Land and hills become very dry with little vegetation. Murcia is a very dry part of Spain.

  • Run Forrest, run!

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    Since I started running I’ve added some targets…. 5Km (Done), 10km (Done), 15 Km(Done), 18 Km (Done). The next step was quite challenging, especially when you travel a lot and need to do extra effort to keep the training routine.

  • Bee Pollen

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    The local village is well known for its honey production – it even has a small museum dedicated to bees.

  • Hotel Welcome

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    How nice it is to walk into your new hotel room and see this?

  • First of the Season

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    Vegetable growing last year was a little bit difficult when we lost the water supply for about 6 weeks at the point where all the vegetables hit their growing peak.

  • Smart Homes & Beyond ..

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    Anyone who knows me even slightly, knows I am at heart, a massive Gadget geek, and I have been since a small boy, the relentless march of technology has seen some wonderful advancements in areas that make our lives easier and I know that the Younger generation take these for granted..(My Neighbours daughter actually asked what a Camera was the other day…we had to explain that they are separate items, not just attached to Mobile phones & iPads.)

  • Night on the town

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    A while back, I spent the evening in the West End of London. I went into town on the tube and then a short walk to the Piccadilly Theatre to see the evening performance of the Jersey Boys. The musical story based on the life of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.

  • Tangiers

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    Whilst I was born in Africa I have never neem to any part of North Africa. I have been through the straits of Gibraltar twice on boats been to east, west and South Africa.

    With a little bit of looking – one thing that the internet is good at – I discovered that I can catch a Ferry from Tarifa in Spain to the old port of Tangiers. The ferry journey is short and the old port is very close to the oldest parts of the city.

  • Lynx Watching – or not

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    I had watched a National Geographic Programme on the Iberian Lynx that live in Spain in one of two national parks. There has been a conservation programme to restore their numbers through a breeding programme and then releasing them into the wild.

  • Nice to see you at CastExpo 2019

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    Team Synchro loved catching up with some of our customers and business connections while at CastExpo ...what a great show we had!


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