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Alternative Pattern Maker

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On a recent Customer visit, I was discussing a training topic in a medium sized Sales office when I suddenly noticed that everyone seemed to be having their smartphone very neatly stored on their desk.

As someone who believes that everything has a place and there is a place for everything to probably a degree I dare not admit to, I was keen to learn more about this display of exemplary tidiness, so I enquired to the amusement and shyness of my giggling hosts.


They then showed me why and presented a very well-made wooden smartphone holder with foam back so as not to damage the device. The corners are so well rounded and smooth, one could not fail to be impressed. Of course, as you’ve probably guessed it by now, this was the fruit of impeccable work from the local master wood workers we call Pattern Makers in our foundries. Years of training in our workshops had produced results!


So, there you go, a coat of paint and I reckon these would make very unusual Corporate gifts for your Customers. 


Do you agree?


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