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Another Animal rescue!

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Have we been here before?

8am in the morning walk outside with a cup of tea which is something I do on a regular basis. It’s cool and the air is clean.  Always pleasant to look at the flowers, vegetables and anything that is growing.

Looking at the pool there is a little mouse doing his (or her) best impression of the doggy paddle in it. 

Where he is in the pool, he won’t be able to get out on his own.

So off to get the scoop net which is normally used to get whatever is floating on the surface – normally leaves and insects.

It is easy to get him out and put him in the sunshine to warm up and recover. 

Come back a few minutes later to make sure he is ok – he has decided to have another go at diving into the pool!! 

We soon put a stop to that and he is taken away from the pool and I put him in a flower bed so he is safe from any one fancying him for breakfast and can catch his breath.

Richard Nolan

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