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My journey down the border of Spain and Portugal continues...

The battle of Badajoz occurred in 1812 and was part of the Napoleonic wars and the peninsular wars.

Wellington with 25,000 men took on a much weaker French army of nearly 5,000 men. Wellington had seen victories at Almeida and Cuidad Rodrigo.  He wanted to secure the Spanish-Portugese border ( it is very close by)

The French commander had plenty of warning that Wellington would arrive in the city and he spent the time laying in supplies and improving the defenses.

Wellington laid siege to the city and made three breaches in the city defenses.

Eventually he ordered a night attack which very nearly failed and the French commander had no option but to surrender the following morning.

Whist the French lost the battle Wellington lost control of his army which led to a looting spree lasting nearly 72 hours.

200 years later – in the 1930’s - Badajoz was in the news because of the Spanish Civil War Badajoz was taken by the Nationalists and infamously, several thousand of the town's inhabitants, both men and women, were taken to the town's bullring after the battle and after machine guns were set up on the barriers around the ring, an indiscriminate slaughter began.

On the 14th August 1936, hundreds of Republicans were shot at the Plaza de Toros. Over the course of the night, another 1,200 were brought in.

Overall it is estimated that over 4,000 people were murdered by the Nationalists after the battle   Even those who tried to cross the Portuguese border were sent back to Badajoz.

Sometimes things never seem to get any better!

Richard Nolan

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    Shane's Blog - October 2016

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    Making Sure You are in the Right Jungle

    Coveyism, borrowed from the late great Dr. Stephen R. Covey of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Principle Centered Leadership.

    If you want a clear understanding of the difference between management and leadership imagine the scene: someone going through the jungle with a machete cutting the undergrowth clearing it up. There are the producers down there, see, the workers. Here all the managers are, back here sharpening the machetes for them, putting on muscle development classes for machete wielders, setting up working schedules for machete wielders, handling jurisdictional disputes between machete wielders. The leader climbs the tallest tree in the jungle, surveys the entire scene, studies the larger picture and screams out “Wrong jungle” and all the managers shout back: Shut up we are making progress.1

    Through BRM and CRM, your metalcasting operations will always be making progress in the right jungle through improved communications and expanded relationships.

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    The local village is well known for its honey production – it even has a small museum dedicated to bees.


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