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Over the past few months I have visited several long term customers where the businesses have been handed down to the next generation (both men and women) and with that has come a renewed desire to utilize their systems as fully as possible.

In some cases this has been the passing to sons & daughters and is some cases son-in-laws have taken the reigns. It is a great thing to see this happening in an industry that many young people would consider a part of our industrial past but that is still a vibrant and essential part of our future, with foundries readily and eagerly embracing new technologies to help with both quality & speed of getting first article approval or short run quantities.

Welcome to a new generation of foundry visionaries 

Simon Adlington

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    Shane's Blog - September 2016

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    Howdy once again from Texas where it’s blazing hot, so hot they are melting iron in the parking lot and the local pancake house is cooking eggs on the hoods of cars! What the heck, one wouldn’t expect anything else in Texas this time of the year other than lack of rain and excessive heat. Myself, I’ll take the heat over the cold anytime as we have chilled air in Texas!

    SYNCHRO ERP’s global implementation manager was recently flying from Seattle to Newark and I tracked the flight using the wonders of the Wild West Web. Sometimes we just need to sit back and reflect on all the wonders of what the internet has brought to us. Not that long ago, if one wanted a flight status; the only option was to call the airline. Today, with all of the interconnectivity of the “dots” everything is seemingly in real time.


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