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Christmas Lights In Malaga

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I had heard that the Christmas lights in Malaga were good.

So, Saturday evening in the car and off to Malaga I went. 

To avoid driving in the city I parked in a large shopping centre near the airport and got the train into the centre of the city getting into Malaga at about 7.30pm and it was very busy!

The main shopping street is pedestrianised and this is where the light display was. 

It was almost impossible to walk up the street as it was full of people waiting for the display to start. The lights are on but they set them to music at around 8pm.

Thankfully it was not cold or wet – quite a warm breeze blowing for the time of year.

It started on time – 10/15 minutes of music and pulsating lights.

Then Tapas time, coffee and home.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Richard Nolan

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