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Comares is a small town in the hills north east of Malaga. Known as a Pueblo Blanco it sits c700 meters above sea level with great views of the surrounding area. It has a population of about 1,500.

What makes it interesting is that it is perched on the top of hill.  The Romans built a fortress but the main occupants were Arabic. The name Comares originates from the Arabic word for castle ‘Qumarix’

In the 11th century it had become the regional headquarters of Cutar, El Borge, Almachar and Moclinejo.

Over the next 4 Centuries Moorish rule in Southern Spain declined and in 1487 the town fell into Christian hands.

Little has changed in the town and it remains typically Moorish with narrow cobbled streets to make it easier to defend, if you visit it is best to park outside the village and walk up to the main square and enjoy the spectacular views.

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  •  Equipment Maintenance Management

    WEBINAR - Equipment Maintenance Management Module (Concluded)

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    The Equipment Maintenance Management Module (EMMM) has undergone a recent update. This window enables the setting up of a specific calendar for the Equipment Maintenance and is setup in the same fashion as the Company or Process calendars. If a calendar is defined when planning the next maintenance dates SYNCHRO will push the date forward until a working date is reached. If no Maintenance calendar exists, the default system calendar will be used instead.

    If you currently use the Equipment Maintenance Management Module. - you will benefit from the development.

    If you do not currently use the module, this is an opportunity to have a one on one demonstration

    ...and remember this module has no purchase costs, it is free with the All Inclusive Module Suite

  • Start up your engines

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    I’m a huge Formula 1 fan and for diplomatic reasons I won’t divulge my preferred team.

    I am awaiting though to see the new style of car as they will be unveiled very soon with the season getting properly on the way on March 25th.


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