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Every Picture Tells a Story

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If you’re as old as me you might think the title is a Rod Stewart album first released in the early 1970’s. It is but this is the picture’s story – there are two parts to it!!

I was lucky enough to be in Australia recently.

Whilst there I bought some aboriginal art in a gallery in Darwin up in the Northern Territories.  I decided to have it shipped home securely to prevent it being damaged.  That might have been a mistake as it then proved somewhat difficult to get it through Spanish customs and deal with the courier company. It was sent back to Australia who sent it back - it ended up doing more air miles than I did.  It was finally delivered last week when I met the courier at the local petrol station.

The second story relates to what it is: -  The picture is by Lanita Numina who is from the area around Alice Springs. The picture pays homage to the spirit of the flowers. The transformation of the land means new growth and regeneration and the renewal of the ‘Bush Tucker’ so necessary for survival.  It also depicts Bush Plums – which is not an actual plum but related to sandalwood. It grows throughout the arid regions of the desert. The small oval fruit are very popular with only a small amount of juicy flesh which is packed with Vitamin C

The women with their digging sticks are collecting various plants with seeds and plums along their travel paths in their homeland, through sand dunes and dried up creek beds.  They respect the land and take only what they need to survive and pass that knowledge on

There is a moral in there somewhere!

Richard Nolan

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