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Faced the fear!

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Some of you may remember a while ago I wrote a blog about facing my fear of needles and giving blood ..

Well covid put a stop to that and I secretly didnt mind that I didnt have to do it!

That was until my little side kick 10 yr old daughter reminded me at the start of this year and made me book an appointment!

I couldnt get an appointment for several weeks so put it to the back of my mind and carried on with life!

It soon came round and I was surprisingly chilled about it! I made said 10 yr old come with me for moral support! she enjoyed the waiting area and reading up about giving blood ..

Her school was running a 'Get caught reading' challenge hence the silly pic!

I surprised myself how chilled I was right up until the nurse told me I have excellent veins which is needed because the needles are bigger than normal ... GULP! 

She wasnt joking!

(Trigger warning - Graphic image)

However I have to say it really didnt hurt.

I think the best part was at the end when the nurse turned to my mini me and said 'your Mums just saved a life' the grumpy pre teen said 'wow Mum your amazing' when the nurse asked her if she would give blood when shes older said 'I dont think so' HA! she will be will be making the appointment for her!

I have already made my next appointment in 14 weeks!

A very low percentage of people donate blood in the UK so if your on the fence - Go .. The nurses are lovely, it doesnt hurt and you could save a life!

You even get drink and a snack after!


Until next time.

Victoria Mahon

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