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How Far Can a Laptop Slide?

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A silly question you might ask or think!

Not something I would ever have thought of until it happened!

I was at the start of a long trek from Spain to Australia. The first leg of which was a flight from Malaga to London Gatwick for a connecting flight.

The flight from Malaga was on time – I was seated in row 29D and there was nobody sitting behind me in the last three rows. I had the row to myself.  So, I put my laptop – in its bag – underneath the middle of the three seats so I had plenty of leg room.

After a couple of hours on a pleasant flight I wanted to check something on the computer. So, I reach down and – to my horror and other things – pull up an empty bag!!

Within 30 seconds I am convinced it has been stolen whilst I went to the toilet and I am casting accusing looks at anyone within 10 feet of me. My other fear was I have left it on a chair near the boarding gate back in Malaga.

I checked under my seat and others and the overhead compartment in case I had put it in my rucksack. Not there!!

So, I go back to the galley and explain to the two crew members who were there what had happened. They look me as though I have lost the plot which mirrored my own thoughts.

They check under the seats and go right back to row 32 – about 10 feet – and that is where they find it.  On take-off it had slipped out of its bag and then made its way in a straight line under three rows of seats. It did not touch any of the floor guards or deviate from a straight line. If I had been sitting further up the plane who knows how far it may have gone!!

They laughed as I did! 

Needless to say my Laptop and I arrived safely in Oz!

Richard Nolan

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