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Lucky Green Fingers?

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I would like to introduce myself. I am Linda Beckett I have worked in accounts departments for more years than I care to remember, the last 5½ of these have been as part of the SYNCHRO ERP team. Dealing with figures on a day to day basis I turn to my garden and growing plants as a form of relaxation. I particularly enjoy getting plants for free or almost free. Growing them from cuttings or from saved seeds

Having eaten the last of what were some very delicious, juicy grapes, I took the still green stem that was left from the bunch and broke it down to four small sections I pushed them into some damp compost and covered the pot with a plastic bag to produce a mini greenhouse effect. I placed it on my kitchen windowsill and left it.


I am pleased although somewhat surprised to find that some 6 weeks later, at least two of the pieces have grown leaves. I know it will be quite some time before these little cutting might be expected to produce fruit, if they ever do, but I am optimistic that as they have come this far they may just prove that I have lucky green fingers. Only time will tell.


I have no idea, how long it would have been since the bunch was cut from the vine.  You never know from my supermarket purchase, this could be the start of something bigger.   The UK is growing

more and more vines and producing some very drinkable wines now. I may just have the start of a

vineyard …   I will let you know if they continue to grow or if they wither before they even get to be a vine.

Linda Beckett

Accounts Manager Synchro ERP

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