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New Year, New Loans.

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This morning Team Synchro have been re lending some of our Kiva credit. We have managed to lend to 3 people and complete the amounts they needed, they now have the full loan amount they need and can use it.

Here is who we have helped via Kiva ..

Rebecca's story

Rebecca is widowed with 4 children, 3 are still in school. She earns a living by collecting money from her rentals and she is also a service person in the Ugandan Army.

She is borrowing 1,500,000 UGX from UGAFODE Microfinance to buy construction materials from the city in order to renovate her rentals because she wants to increase on the incomes from them.

She is very hard-working and has been solely educating all her children for almost 10 years when her husband died and the relatives were not willing to help her out.

She is working tirelessly towards the attainment of her dream of seeing that all the children graduate. Thank you for enabling her journey to achieve her dream.

Geoffrey's story

Geoffrey is happily married and blessed with 2 beautiful children. He is a transport operator, a job he does cheerfully with the help of his motorcycle.

In order to improve the efficiency of his business and reduce maintenance costs, he has proposed to buy a new motorcycle and is humbly requesting a loan.

He will use his profits to help him settle his loan, continue supporting his business, and educate his children.

Ana Marie's story

Fifty-two year old Ana Marie owns farm land. She toils the land and grows rice. Moreover, she also raises hogs, as supplemental income. She is married woman with seven children, whom four are still attending school. Her husband's occupation is a carpenter.

She has requested a loan to purchase fertilizer and additional pigs and feed. She could now improve the yield of her farm and continue raise quality hogs for additional income.

She is grateful for availing the funds and in return, she is doing her best to improve her over all livelihood.

For anyone looking to find out more about becoming a Kiva lender please go to

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