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Run away Timmy!

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A couple of friends will be going away on holiday shortly and they asked me if I could look after their dog – Timmy.

I see Timmy regularly and I am quite happy to help out.  As a prelude to a week’s stay with me I said I would look after him for the odd day when his owners are both out so he is not left on his own.

An hour into the day with him and all going well – he’s happy, I’m working away.

At some point I wonder where he’s got to.  So look in the garden, the house. Can’t see him and he does not appear when called.  At that point get a call from a friend ( Ken )who is driving down the track to another house to say he’s just seen Timmy – who runs away when approached.  If he’s trying to get home it’s about 3km away!

Jump in the car with the dog lead and whizz down the track.  Timmy has gone down a slope filled with Olive trees.  It is 33c as we hunt for him – lots of thorns to upset those of us in short trousers!

After 10 minutes I decide to go back to the house just to check he hasn’t doubled back. As I get out the car he gets in it!!

Relief until I have him for a week and I don’t have to explain a lost dog to his owners – yet!

Richard Nolan

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    Shane's Blog - October 2016

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    Making Sure You are in the Right Jungle

    Coveyism, borrowed from the late great Dr. Stephen R. Covey of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Principle Centered Leadership.

    If you want a clear understanding of the difference between management and leadership imagine the scene: someone going through the jungle with a machete cutting the undergrowth clearing it up. There are the producers down there, see, the workers. Here all the managers are, back here sharpening the machetes for them, putting on muscle development classes for machete wielders, setting up working schedules for machete wielders, handling jurisdictional disputes between machete wielders. The leader climbs the tallest tree in the jungle, surveys the entire scene, studies the larger picture and screams out “Wrong jungle” and all the managers shout back: Shut up we are making progress.1

    Through BRM and CRM, your metalcasting operations will always be making progress in the right jungle through improved communications and expanded relationships.

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    Anyone who knows me even slightly, knows I am at heart, a massive Gadget geek, and I have been since a small boy, the relentless march of technology has seen some wonderful advancements in areas that make our lives easier and I know that the Younger generation take these for granted..(My Neighbours daughter actually asked what a Camera was the other day…we had to explain that they are separate items, not just attached to Mobile phones & iPads.)


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