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Run Forrest, run!

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Since I started running I’ve added some targets…. 5Km (Done), 10km (Done), 15 Km(Done), 18 Km (Done). The next step was quite challenging, especially when you travel a lot and need to do extra effort to keep the training routine.

Now it’s time to add another check box to my list…. 21km.

On a recent trip over to New Hampshire I saw a half marathon event happening close to where I was… Perfect coincidence…. Signed up to the competition, woke up on a Sunday morning, drove 50 miles and after 2 hours and 10 minutes I finished my first Half Marathon….

Next step is increase the training and maybe one day write another blog to tell you all I finished a real marathon !

Daniel Alcantara

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  • Happy Diwali

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    Being a highly spiritual country, festivals are at the heart of people’s lives in India. The numerous and varied festivals that are held throughout the year offer a unique way of seeing Indian culture at its best.

  • Weld log

    WEBINAR - Weld Log Module (Concluded)

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    The Weld Log module enables Companies to track welding carried out on a casting (unique ID/Serial Number), by Job Number or Part Number. This will record the welder name, position of the weld on the casting, type or welding rods used, batch(s) of weld rod, quantity (& Weight) of rods used. A weld map, or multiple maps if tracked by job or part, can also be attached to show visually where each weld occurred. The welder will have access to the welding specifications stored against the part to make sure the weld falls within one of the specifications.


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