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Run Forrest, run!

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Since I started running I’ve added some targets…. 5Km (Done), 10km (Done), 15 Km(Done), 18 Km (Done). The next step was quite challenging, especially when you travel a lot and need to do extra effort to keep the training routine.

Now it’s time to add another check box to my list…. 21km.

On a recent trip over to New Hampshire I saw a half marathon event happening close to where I was… Perfect coincidence…. Signed up to the competition, woke up on a Sunday morning, drove 50 miles and after 2 hours and 10 minutes I finished my first Half Marathon….

Next step is increase the training and maybe one day write another blog to tell you all I finished a real marathon !

Daniel Alcantara

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  • Demostración del módulo de cliente

    Demostración del módulo de cliente

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    Los clientes son, por supuesto, esenciales para cualquier negocio y para que sus operaciones puedan hacer dinero es imperativo mantener a ellos contentos. El Mantenimiento de las áreas importantes para su cliente es clave del éxito, para esto Synchro te ofrece la capacidad de mantener su cliente sobre el estatus de los pedidos, y por supuesto el rendimiento de los tiempos de entrega.

  • September 2016

    Shane's Blog - September 2016

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    Howdy once again from Texas where it’s blazing hot, so hot they are melting iron in the parking lot and the local pancake house is cooking eggs on the hoods of cars! What the heck, one wouldn’t expect anything else in Texas this time of the year other than lack of rain and excessive heat. Myself, I’ll take the heat over the cold anytime as we have chilled air in Texas!

    SYNCHRO ERP’s global implementation manager was recently flying from Seattle to Newark and I tracked the flight using the wonders of the Wild West Web. Sometimes we just need to sit back and reflect on all the wonders of what the internet has brought to us. Not that long ago, if one wanted a flight status; the only option was to call the airline. Today, with all of the interconnectivity of the “dots” everything is seemingly in real time.


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