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Sea, Sand, Sardines & Sangria

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I spent a lazy lunchtime in the shade of a beach Chiringuito (beach bar/restaurant) Enjoying the views of the Mediterranean and overlooking a not too busy beach.

They served us a fresh house salad, with prawns and sardines grilled over a wood fire set in an old boat.  The sardines, fresh from the sea, were delicious and washed down with a jug of sangria.  It turned from a lovely stroll along the prom into a tasty lunchtime treat.  A very touristy thing to do, but, sometimes you just have to do it. 


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    Bite Size - SYNCHRO ERP Enterprise App SF 'Shop Floor

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    Specific APP for Cast Metal Industry

    The SYNCHRO ERP SF App 'Shop Floor' has been designed to assist customers in managing bookings and data collection on the shop floor without the need to ensure network coverage. The App will sync with the network whilst in network range and hold relevant job information; the user can then perform a range of functions on iOS or android tablet and when returning to network coverage re-sync the data to the server

  • Start up your engines

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    I’m a huge Formula 1 fan and for diplomatic reasons I won’t divulge my preferred team.

    I am awaiting though to see the new style of car as they will be unveiled very soon with the season getting properly on the way on March 25th.


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