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Son of a Nutcracker Its Christmas again already!

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Well, here we are again, and another year in Foundry land is drawing to a close. After the last couple of years, 2023 really didn’t seem to hang around at all. As ever, its been the Synchro Teams pleasure, to have assisted, fixed, corrected, advised, and generally helped where possible with issues faced, or questions asked by you, the Synchro user, who make our job worthwhile, and we all would like to wish you all the very best, and warmest wishes as we head to 2024.

As some of you are aware, Vicky (our Social Media manager, and my long suffering wife) and I are Foster Carers, and its been a fun year for us Mahons, with Babies coming into our care and what an adrenaline shot they have been… As a Dad to the two most epically awesome children on the planet (we all think we have the best kids, and NONE of us are wrong) I had quite forgotten how entertaining, and hilarious babies can be… and its been some of the most rewarding times in our fostering career to take these newborns in, and watch them flourish, before sadly (for us) leaving to go to a forever family…

This year alone, we have looked after and in some cases still are, seven different children.. the Mahon house is always loud, sometimes chaotic, sometimes tearful, but always HAPPY!... and watching my mini-Mahons embrace new arrivals and sharing their Mum & Dad, without a seconds pause reminds me daily just how special my children are, and a glimpse into the wonderful people they could become.

So, from My family, to you, your family, your friends, your nearest & dearest (yes, that includes the cat) have a most peaceful holiday season, and the very best wishes, for an excellent New Year.

See you in 2024!


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