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I was asked recently what my worst potential nightmares are when travelling. It got me thinking and here are my top ones ..

- BO. Yep it happens more frequently than you might think with some routes experiencing a higher risk. When it happens, there is nothing that can be done by anyone to try to remedy the situation and that is why it is at the top of this list.


- Same but different. Smelly feet. Some people once they take their shoes off.... A well-deserved second spot in this list.


- Delays. The stress this causes is enormous. Both the mind and the body suffer. One feels so powerless as we are entirely in the hands of other people or Nature if it’s weather related or simply circumstances. Perhaps even more frustrating is the fact that it seems to always be on the flights we have the least spare time. Flights with a 5-hour changeover usually lands early.


- Noise on overnight flights. Be it from over exuberant talking or music or whatever


- Personal Space invasion. Seats on planes are not very wide (we travel economy) so when your neighbour decides to claim some of your space as his (or hers), let the battle for the armrest begin. All without eye contact of course


- Loss of luggage. Yes, it still happens in this modern world and as a result we need to be careful when packing our suitcases with our precious belongings. I get to see far too many horrible things I’m not supposed to see for me to trust them for a very long time to come


Suddenly, sitting in traffic in your car driving to work does not seem all too bad does it?


Travel Safe and See you at the next blog




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