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World Book Day 2019

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World Book Day or World Book and Copyright Day is a yearly event organized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, to promote reading, publishing and copyright. In the United Kingdom, the day is recognized on the first Thursday in March.

As parents to 3 children (5,8 & 13) it feels like there is an event each week! Non-uniform day, Fetes, fundraisers, school trips etc!

This week its World Book Day ..

As a family we are all avid readers and have always promoted a love for reading and all things books.

So we had two tasks for World Book Day ..

Our Daughter needed to go as something from ‘Charlie & the chocolate factory’ and our son needed to go as something from ‘Charlie Cooks favourite book’ (we are not too familiar with the latter) google to the rescue!

The school promotes making something and not spending a fortune.

We always try to think out of the box and do something a little different so we spent the weekend creating the costumes, making sure the children got involved as much as possible too of course.

Our daughter is going as the actual book(Charlie and the chocolate factory) and our son is going as a ‘Library’ featuring the many stories within Charlie Cooks favourite book (there are a lot!)

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Vicky & Lee




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