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“Your in charge of date night”…. Six words to fill a husband with dread when uttered by the Wife..

After a small shudder of unmitigated terror, I accepted my fate, and went off to plan our next (very few and far between) Date night.

With trembling fingers, I went straight to our good friend, GOOGLE.. to look for what adventure we could embark on that wouldn’t result in ‘The Look’™ Bowling… no…Cinema.. NOPE.. ballroom dancing lessons.. not whilst I draw breath.. and then, something in my brain demanded I go left field.. a few minutes later, I have it!... We’ll dine at a restaurant with cuisine we have never tried before, and then, the masterstroke… I booked us both to go Axe Throwing!.. and unbelievably, both of these suggestions were met with a resounding GOOD JOB.

Cue date night, and away we went to a Lebanese restaurant, where the food was simply delicious.. if you have never tried it, do so at your first opportunity, then, off to chuck axes at targets (and hopefully not me)

We arrived at ‘Viking Axe’ in Macclesfield which is a family run business, and given a great induction by the owner, Andrew, and his daughter, Danae, (and not forgetting Loki the dog) and despite fears we would be rubbish, we were hurling axes like Viking berserkers in no time… it was a great couple of hours, with Andrew keeping us entertained with jokes, and an incredible historical knowledge throughout our evening with them.

I would most certainly recommend this past time to anyone who fancies something different, and we will certainly be going back. If your close, pop in and book yourself a session.. it’s a great stress reliever to boot!..

Oh yes… and I hit the Bullseye more than Vicky did too… (not bragging or anything)

Take a look at Viking axe here if you wish to see what Axe Throwing is all about:

Until Next time…. Stay Safe, and be Excellent to each other

Lee & Vicky

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