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Foundry Congress Mexico 2016 - Read Our Review

Foundry Congress Mexico 2016

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The Mexican Foundry congress, which took place on the 16th June 2016 was held in Querétaro at the Holiday Inn Diamante.

The city of Querétaro is a great city that mixes culture, history and business. A commercial center of over half a million inhabitants, it lies at the junction of two major interstate highways, routes 57 and 45. Located only two and a half hours from Mexico City (220 km), Querétaro has become a satellite of sorts for the capital. 

Several large manufacturing plants have relocated to the city’s outskirts, and thousands of businessmen commute daily between the two cities. The local economy consists of agriculture, raising livestock and manufacturing. It is also a major center for amethyst, opal and topaz cutting. The mines in Querétaro are famous for the world-class opal, but topaz is also mined here, its mining industry also produces mercury, zinc and lead.

This was our 3rd consecutive year attending the Mexican Foundry congress.  SYNCHRO ERP were Silver Sponsors of the Congress all the delegates were provided with our lovely orange lanyards and the Spanish version of our brochure cards.

Next year’s congress has already been scheduled for the 15th June 2017 as always at the Holiday Inn Diamante, Querétaro.

With a good number of speakers and delegates it was nice to bump into one of the managing directors of Tupy SA, I found out he actually comes from a city 70 KM from where I live in Minas Gerais, Brazil, you never realize how small the world can be until you leave your hometown!

A great opportunity as usual to meet new people, new nationalities, new ideas, that’s the best thing when you are on the road.

Daniel Alcântara

Training & Implementation Manager

Foundry Congress 2016 video

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