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Where Investment Casters Meet: ICI 2017

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Investment casters spanning the globe recently crossed paths on the banks of the Ohio River in the fair city of Covington Kentucky USA for the 2017 edition of the 64th Technical Conference and Equipment Exposition.

Main image above from left to right, Simon Adlington, "The Beard", Global Implementation Manager, Shane Allen "Bowler Hat man" front and center Head of North American Operations, and Chris Collins "Mr Smiles" MD/CEO on-hand to shake hands with customers and introduce sales prospects to the benefits of investment casting specific software.

Before going any further, please allow me to tip my bowler hat in appreciation to the team at the Investment Casting Institute for putting it all together.  One can always count on a flawless exhibition due to the tireless efforts of the ICI team.  It takes a lot of time, energy, and dedication to put a conference and exhibition all together and making it look easy; especially an equipment exhibition.


The exposition was a resounding success and we were so pleased to have returned to the show floor in full swing.

Didn't the new look of our booth look spiffy?

The picture on the below left reminds me of the TV game show “To Tell the Truth”.  Will the real SYNCHRO ERP person please step forward!


On behalf of the global SYNCHRO ERP team, I want to thank all of our loyal customers and attendees that stopped by to learn more about the software for the investment casting sector of the liquid metal industry.

The team is already looking ahead to 2018 when we will convene again under the “Kansas City Lights”.

Until next time, see you on down the road and above all, be safe.

Shane Allen / Head of SYNCHRO ERP North American Operations

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