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Editorial Cast Metal Diecasting Times April/May 2016

Cast Metal Diecasting Times

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Latest module and enterprise app shop floor releases:

Inclusive to each user/license seat

For forty years, SYNCHRO ERP has been providing growth, innovation, and prosperity to the global metal casting manufacturer’s SYNCHRO ERP is an Industry Specific Software Solution.

SYNCHRO Ruby ERP - New Interface

No charges or costs involved it’s free to all users. A new “Ruby” edition of the software has been released that is “Future Proof”. The ribbon bar is a new method to visualize the screen with a totally new format and a ground breaking approach to viewing the screens within the modules and creating short cuts.  The new format of the ribbon will allow the users to quickly navigate the entire system with just a mouse click. Quality of course is paramount in the metal casting industry whether or not your facility has a IS9001:2008 certificate hanging on the wall or not.  With this in mind, quality has been subjugated to its own area within the software ribbon. 

CRM Customer Relationship Management- Phase 1

The CRM is developed in-house by the SYNCHRO’ s development team; the system is also utilized throughout our global office network. The CRM module includes, cross system document marshalling, priority and rule escalation, event monitoring and cross topic integration, task monitoring and rule based prioritization, phone log entries, internal activity, postage logs, multiple personal & CRM email account access.

BRM - Business Relationship Management. Phase 1

This is an extensive system which includes Business communication tacking, cross linking and indexing to readily form communications between information, monitoring, tracking and scheduling.

Enterprise App - SF App ‘Shop Floor’ - Phase 4  – for Android & iOS

The SYNCHRO ERP SF App has been designed to assist customers in managing bookings and data collection on the shop floor without the need to ensure network coverage.

The App will sync with the network whilst in network range and hold relevant job information; the user can then perform a range of functions on iOS or android tablet and when returning to network coverage re-sync the data to the server. We are recommending tablets 7" or bigger running iOS version 5 or above or Android Version 2.10 or above.

The SYNCHRO SF App (Shop Floor) will continue to plan with phased development

Phase 5 now in planning.

SYNCHRO ERP Ruby ERP Desktop or Cloud

The cloud enables manufacturing companies to deliver ERP software while eliminating excess hardware and maintaining control over system integration. With cloud-based SYNCHRO ERP RUBY Edition, offering greater flexibility, off site software installation, lower infrastructure cost, built in disaster recovery and high availability and lower operations over head.

Read April/Mays Issue of Cast Metal Diecasting Times here

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