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Editorial INCAST SYNCHRO ERP's 40th Anniversary


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SYNCHRO ERP A Strong Established History

This is a special year for Synchro ERP the companies 40th anniversary. Focusing on providing software MRP (manufacturing resource planning) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) specifically developed for the cast metal industry.

We focus on investment, iron and diecasters…each have their own unique requirements.

Some brief examples of functionality for investment casters:
i. Ability to track castings and tool usage both by number of waxes per injection of the die and number of waxes on a tree (both of these can also be used in scheduling)
ii. A number of specific casting serialization methods used exclusively by the investment casting industry
iii. Scheduling with multiple capacity constraints while seeing the effects on multiple bottleneck processes
iv. Serialized casting, heat number, work order & part traceability
v. Shop floor manufacturing instructions with pictures, drawings & video if required

Synchro has a global customer base with offices in the USA, UK, Brazil, Spain and South Africa. With agents in India, China and New Zealand this global coverage sets us apart from all other specific software providers.

Synchro's Unique Business Model
Over a decade ago Synchro altered the business model from a typical sale per module, upfront costs which is a characteristic of most software systems and prohibitively expensive for many companies. Synchro decided to open up the availability of specific Cast Metal ERP software to all companies wanting and needing an integrated system. All-inclusive modules, support, all system upgrades, per license ($120 per month)

Current Latest Development
Ongoing development has always been a major strength keeping pace with technology and crucial to the success of Synchro's client base; all development is included in the license fee; this is a win-win for all.

App - Enterprise technology for 'Shop Floor' - Why mobility matters

Cost effective devices (tablets) lend themselves to working in harsh environments; Devises are portable, inexpensive, utilizing WIFI, eliminating expensive networking costs, fewer fixed work stations and negligible cost for hardware replacement. Little or no training, speed of data exchange, all integrated into the main Synchro ERP.

The future's bright...
Extensive development is in progress for the Shop Floor App and in October /November '15 we have a release for two new extensive modules for the software and further App development.

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