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An Old Inn

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A group of us occasionally try and find a restaurant we have not eaten at before.

Two years ago whilst visiting a small village ( Alfanate in Southern Spain) that was having its cherry festival – Its major income earning crop – I saw an old Inn.

This turned out to be Venta Alfanate.  There is no web site but the locals knew about it which is always a good recommendation.

So we booked for a Sunday lunch…

It turns out they have been serving food here for about 800 years and it claims to be the oldest restaurant in Andalucia.

It is on a crossroads high in the hills on the old routes from the coast. Granada is to the East and Antequera to the West. It has played host to famous and infamous characters.  King Alfonso XIII stayed there as have several bandoleros (bandits) who would hold up and rob the stage coaches.

Bandolero José Pelagio Hinojosa Cobacho, El Tempranilloa famous local bandit visited the inn as did Luis Candelas from Madrid, who spent the night at their under armed guard in March 1824, when he was being taken from court in Madrid to serve his prison sentence in Malaga for stealing two horses and a mule.


The Inn has a small jail cell for such occasions!


The Venta's gastronomy is Andalucian mountain and country fare, including migas de Alfarnate, huevos a la bestia (eggs with pork loin, spicy sausage, and blood sausage), chivo al ajillo (baby goat with garlic), morcilla de cordero frita con tomates (fried lamb sausage with tomatoes)and revuelta de tagarninas y gachas de anis(scrambled eggs with thistles and aniseed).

It was good value – 2 courses drinks and coffee for 20 Euros a head.

Richard Nolan

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