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Covid - 19 in Brazil

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There are lots of statistics out there, country by country, that look at how we are all coping, or not, with this current pandemic. I say current as it is not the first this world has faced and most certainly will not be the last.

I would like to talk about it at a more personal level. How it has affected my family, my work and my work colleagues.

At home life has changed, my father-in-law, who is 94, now lives with us. Up until this started, he was living in his own apartment, albeit with a home help who took care of him. That became impossible to maintain when the government announced the lockdown back in April and as our children are now grown up and have flown the coup, a spare room was available and we all thought it safer for him to come here.

Work life has also changed. I used to work from my own office but now work from home, it’s a much safer environment, no travel and less meeting up with other people. Probably a lot of you have had to do the same.
My line of work though, in providing you with support, is straightforward enough to do at home. For others it must be considerably more difficult when you are trying to run a foundry for example. Kids, who are off from school, running around creating havoc when you have important phone calls to make can make things difficult. Luv em really though.
I would say though that the level of support calls and emails we receive has not diminished and you still keep us busy.

As to work colleagues then I could name 3 who are chomping at the bit to get back on an aeroplane and fly off to some exotic location, or wherever your foundry may be. Withdrawal symptoms have definitely kicked in for some.

We are all keeping well, as I hope you all are.
Keep safe


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