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Goat Man, Mouse man, Cat Man and now….Snake Man!

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I have written a few blogs over a period of time, you may recall I had returned a young goat to its owner, trapped and released a mouse and rescued a very small kitten.

This week I opened up a square steel cover to gain access into a pool pump room that is underground. 

Having finished I go to close the entrance cover and notice a snake between the cover surround and the patio. 

Didn’t notice it when I went down the ladder though!!

It was between 1-2 feet in length and did not want to be extracted and had been partly trapped  by the edge of the cover where the hinges were. 

So I had to find a stick narrow enough to get into the area, prop the steel cover open and have a pool net ready to get the snake into. 

Mr Snake was not happy!

After a few minutes I manage to get him out and encouraged him into the net.  He was then let go down the bottom of the garden.

I recounted the story to a friend – he said the small snakes are the dangerous ones!!  Ignorance can be helpful sometimes!

Richard Nolan

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    WEBINAR - Weld Log Module (Concluded)

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    The Weld Log module enables Companies to track welding carried out on a casting (unique ID/Serial Number), by Job Number or Part Number. This will record the welder name, position of the weld on the casting, type or welding rods used, batch(s) of weld rod, quantity (& Weight) of rods used. A weld map, or multiple maps if tracked by job or part, can also be attached to show visually where each weld occurred. The welder will have access to the welding specifications stored against the part to make sure the weld falls within one of the specifications.

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    I recently spent some time site seeing in the town of Toledo in

    Castile-La Mancha, Spain. Situated to the south of Madrid, the

    walled city is set on a hill above a river, which gives spectacular views

    over the surrounding countryside.


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