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We are pleased to welcome the newest member of Team Synchro, Andrew .. here is a little more about him ..

I started working with computers a long time ago, then realised that “The Engineers in that office over there” knew how to design solutions and maybe I needed to “go back to school” and get a degree (something I had avoided after finishing my A-levels).
A few years later, owner of a Bachelor of Information & Computer Science degree, I drifted into a job as an instructor at the university until after a few more years I realised that that would also be a dead end unless I carried on and studied for a PhD, so I took a job in the software industry.
Several years later that led me to working in the Air Traffic control sector but, after an engagement of roughly 7 years , my contract was suddenly not renewed and I found myself once again at a crossroads.
Almost accidentally I moved to the Isle of Man, supposedly for six months, but I’ve been here ever since! In fact, I’ve lived here for almost twice as many years as in any other country in my entire life. I have lived in four different countries not counting the Island, but I’m a lousy tourist and only seem to go to foreign lands on a one-way ticket!.
Once again, following a chance accidental meeting, I started working on Microsoft Windows software, and that in turn has now led me to Synchro.
I have to say that I love the commute, and the job is certainly challenging –I suspect it will only become more so, and I’m very happy that I skipped over the fine print where it says “Be careful what you wish for”!
So here we are, and before long I hope to become a valuable and trusted member of the Synchro team, and with luck maybe meet up in person one day.

Looking forward to working with the Team.


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