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Granada – a quick trip!

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Granada is an old city in Southern Spain not far from Malaga and sits at the bottom of the Sierra Nevada mountains. It is a citadel and like many cities of southern spain has a strong Islamic background and culture. Islamic architecture and Arab street life mixes with churches, cathedrals and monuments.

Its most famous building is the Alhambra - a Moorish fortress with grand archways and delicate ornamental mosaics.  You can walk up to it through the cobblestone streets of the Albayzin district of the city.  It is an astonishing palace complex whose Islamic decor and landscaped gardens are without peer in Europe.

It was originally constructed as a small fortress in AD 889 on the remains of Roman fortifications, and then largely ignored until its ruins were renovated and rebuilt in the mid-13th century by the Nasrid Emir Mohammed ben Al AhmarIt was converted into a royal palace 1330 and in the late1400’s the site became the Royal Court of Ferdinand and Isabella.who commissioned Christopher Columbus to undertake his famous voyages.

You have to have a ticket to enter the Nasrid palace – the ticket has an entry time and you cannot miss it.  Tickets can be booked up weeks in advance it is such a popular place

I spent 4 hours walking round and didn’t get to see all of it.

I shall have to go back for a second bite ..



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    FESA AGM 2016 (Foundry Equipment Suppliers Association)

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    As a council member of FESA it was a pleasure to represent SYNCHRO ERP at this year’s AGM held on October 12th at The Toyota Motor Manufacturing plant in Deeside, UK.

  • Heat Treatment Module

    Bite Size - Heat Treatment Module

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    Heat Treatment is important to many metalcasting operations so that the metallurgical or chemical properties can be altered to the customer or ASTM specifications.

    The heat treatment module is centralized around various tasks and features that make this a complete solution. At the center of the heat treatment modules is the 'Heat Treatment Log". The entire heat treatment module of course is fully integrated with the overall software solution.


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