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In the modern world technology is a key part of our day to day. I have pulled together some top tips to get the ideal festive photograph.

·         Shoot in different light

Lighting can have a massive impact on how nice an image will be. Such as taking pictures around sunrise or sunset might result in a photograph with beautiful and colourful light. If you share your images on social media you may find pictures that have this kind of lighting tend to do really well.


·         Use reflections and puddles.

Not many people want to travel and have a wet and rainy day, but actually you can get some of the coolest images during these types of conditions. Using puddles and reflections in your pictures can aid your composition and create a really interesting shot. You can also take pictures with colourful umbrellas which can make a cool image.


·         Take pictures at night.

When taking pictures at night, use a tripod and a low ISO setting (if possible). This will ensure your picture isn’t grainy and much higher quality. 


·         Food.

To take photographs of your food use a wide aperture or “portrait mode” on your camera. This will help isolate your food with a blurred background. Another option is to take the image from above looking down. Finally, consider getting a table outside or near a window in natural (but shaded light) which will help you capture a much nicer image without horrible harsh shadow.


·         Dress for the occasion.

It’s best to dress the family in neutral colours with no loud patterns that can be distracting and lead to potential photo editing issues later. If you’re going for more of a classy, elegant family photo, consider seasonal colours like reds, whites, silver and greens. On the other hand, ugly Christmas sweaters, reindeer baby onesies and Santa hats are a blast and help get everyone in a festive mood, so if that’s your jam, go for it.


·         Create your own DIY photoshoot.

Gathering the family around the Christmas tree or the fireplace is classic and pretty easy to pull off. But another great option for photographing the kids or getting a great solo shot of your new-born is to use festive wrapping paper as a backdrop. Add a cosy rug for some floor texture, set it up with the backdrop facing a window with nice natural light, and snap away.


·         Say no to flash.

Smartphone and compact camera flashes can be harsh, so it’s best to avoid using them, full stop. Luckily, today’s smartphone technology scoffs at low-light situations—most devices are able to produce bright, clear images in almost any situation. Ideally, you’ll want to shoot in the best natural light possible, but for dimmer situations (like for that fireplace family shot with beautiful glowing ambient light), a phone with a ‘night’ option is best.


·         Use ‘burst’ mode.

There’s nothing worse than finally getting that perfect shot, only to find upon closer inspection that your little guy decided to blink right when you snapped. Your smartphone likely has a burst mode, which fires off a series of fast shots as you hold down the shutter button. This way, you can go into the phone’s gallery and select from the burst shots just before or after the blink.


·         Use portrait mode (if you are taking an image with people).

Using portrait mode is a great way to deliver that shallow depth of field, or blurry “bokeh” background that makes portraits so beautiful. People and faces pop while lightly fuzzing out those twinkling tree lights or falling snowflakes.

Happy Snapping!

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