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At this year’s show we saw a considerable increase in foot fall over any of the shows that we attended last year and when the numbers are published, I am sure AFS will confirm that the numbers were well up on last year.

As usual it was great to see many of our customers at the booth, a significant number of prospects and to talk to many familiar faces.

There were a significant number, much higher than at previous shows, of people that we talked to that said that they had or were just about to make sizeable equipment purchases to increase their manufacturing capacity.

Most of the people that we talked to were also very confident that their levels of business were going up along with their backlogs and some even having to turn down new work to be able to maintain their levels of service.

A big thank you to everyone that we talked to for taking the time to come and see us and we wish everyone who attended all the best and look forward to seeing them at future shows.

Chris, Simon & Dan

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