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Roman Aqueduct

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I saw a local English newspaper article recently on places to visit. It mentioned a Roman Aqueduct in Almunecar. The town – a very popular tourist resort – is on the coast 70/80km east of Malaga.

So off we went one Sunday....

The Aqueduct was built by the Romans during their reign over parts of Andalucia. They ruled parts of Spain for 700 years. Almunecar began as a Phoenician colony.

The Aqueduct served as a valuable supply of fresh water to the town but also supplied water for the fish salting industry that was prevalent in the town – there are the remains of a Phoenician salting factory in one of the parks.

Part of the Aqueduct is in the town and there is a section of the aqueduct that provides a glimpse of what the Roman engineers were capable of. Originally it was 8km. There are more Aqueducts in the area – I will have to go and find them.

Richard Nolan

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