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2019 has been a better year for the vegetable patch – primarily because there has been an unbroken water supply unlike last year when there was little or no water for a 6 week period.

It is now not only the very warm part of the year – we are around 40c every day – but the vegetables are ripe and ready.

I have a glut of tomatoes – the larger tomatoes are very juicy, quite soft and make good cooking sauces as well as that Spanish favourite Gazpacho.  Borlotti beans will be good in stews and soups.

Some vegetables literally get sunburned in full sunlight – tomatoes, peppers, courgettes and cucumber will go pale and split.

A wheelbarrow full of onions is drying – I still have to learn how to tie them in a string

Beetroots have been good – they can also be made into a version of Hummus which can be frozen. Courgettes can grow very large – courgette pasta is a different use and they also make a very good cake.

Carrots have all been used – most juiced.

Some very odd shapes appear when they grow too close together – next year I must thin them out more.  Aubergines are now being cooked in soups and as lasagne – with home grown tomato sauces of course.

Blackberries – with enough water – are sweet and juicy.

Broccoli has not done very well. I have noticed that some vegetables have not grown as well as others.

The same seedlings planted in different beds have different growth rates – need to improve the soil which will be a winter task.

Only one unharvested crop – Squashes which will be ready in the next 2-3 weeks.

Richard Nolan

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