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Sun, Sea, Sand and Snow!!

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When you think of Spain you probably think of Sun Sea and Sand – particularly if you have been on the Southern coast of Spain.

It is possible over the winter to swim in the sea in the morning and be skiing by lunchtime.

I don’t need to swim but I thought I would go and see the snow.

In the Sierra Nevada above Granada is a ski resort in a village called Pradollano. There are over 100 ski runs dotted above the village which is 2,100m above sea level. – the highest Peak in the area is 3,300m high.

It is 150km from where I live so one bright Sunday morning, I got in the car at 9.45am with some friends and we arrive at midday. The resort is 30km from Granada and there are great views from the road as it climbs up from the city.

We arrived and got into a cable car for a 5-minute ride to the main hub where some of the ski runs are concentrated and there are bars and cafes.

It was busy with plenty of fearless individuals. It was a bit like Piccadilly circus with people Criss crossing runs on skis and snowboards. They do have plenty of snow machines to keep the resort open.

We sat and had coffee in the sun – I have to say the Café con leche was very good.

The car park in the middle of the village was restricted to 2 hours so back down to the car we went for the drive back. Home by 4pm.

Will be going back as in the summer there are plenty of walking and biking tracks and plenty of scenery.

Have a great week.

Richard Nolan

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