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The Blade of Kansas..

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From the title of this blog entry you might be expecting a story of a superhero, alas no just us mere mortals….

I recently spent some time in Kansas City attending a trade show with my Boss, who has a bit of a reputation for wicked sense of humour, so when at the end of the second day we were there he said “ how do you fancy going Axe throwing” I was waiting for him to add to that. He actually looked serious, not that that is an indication that he was not still winding me up, so I said “Really”.

But he actually, for once, was being serious! So when he showed me the web site and said that he had been there the previous day, before I got into town, I said yes obviously.

Off we went to a place called Blade & Timber where we were shown various ways to throw axes at a timber target and several games that could be played. We had a great, if unexpected evening and we also found out it’s not as easy as it looks when they show you.

That’s all for now, hoping you stay on the right side of the axe.


Simon Adlington


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    The customer master module forms the basis within the software suite of recording information related to your customers so that quotes can be produced, sales orders entered, invoices sent to the correct address and the castings be shipped to the correct address, among other important functions.

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    This is a special year for Synchro ERP the companies 40th anniversary. Focusing on providing software MRP (manufacturing resource planning) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) specifically developed for the cast metal industry.

    We focus on investment, iron and diecasters…each have their own unique requirements.


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