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The Rollercoaster

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Several times over the past 2 months I have started to put fingers to my keyboard to write a COVID-19 blog entry and each time I have decided to wait to see what tomorrow brings and each tomorrow has bought a new phase to our journey.

Some of you will be reading this in the UK and you will know exactly what I am talking about and some of you will live in different countries and you will each have a variation on my story, but I am pretty confident that you will all have experienced a rollercoaster ride of your own.

When the news of this awful virus started to break in February I was just getting ready to fly to the USA on business, these plans were soon cancelled and at the time I thought I would be putting them off for a month or two until things settled down (how silly that now sounds !!).

Synchro ERP had two of its employees on the road in Texas, USA (one from the UK and one from Brazil) and they both had to make urgent travel reservations to make their way back home as soon as they could. Fortunately both of them made it back safely before all the borders were closed, though they both had to isolate, one at home and one in a hotel.

During March huge parts of the world went into some form of lockdown, and we went in to unknown territory. That is where we stayed while more and more of what we were dealing with came to light, very little of it good news. In the middle of the year we slowly came out of lockdown with a sense that we knew what we were dealing with and things slowly began to return to some form of normality. The normality we were left to deal with included the use of masks in more & more places, hand sanitizers and the sense that we were left with a ‘new normal’.

This did not last too long before it became obvious that we had not seen the last of COVID-19 and that even though we now knew much more about what we were dealing with it had a few more surprises left for us as cases started to sky rocket in some parts of the world and in many countries that ended up with ever more restrictions being put in place.

On a personal note I was forced to isolate as I had been in contact with a customer who subsequently tested positive. Thankfully I did not get infected. Our customer had quite severe symptoms but it was not necessary for him to receive hospital treatment (Our National Health Service and particularly the staff have been unstinting in their efforts to deal with patients).  Our customer has commented that he would NOT recommend the experience to anyone.

To end this on a positive note we have been granted a ray of hope with the announcement this week that a vaccine looks likely to be available, in limited numbers at least, in the near future. Let’s all hope that all of the vaccines in development prove to be effective and an end to this rollercoaster is not too far over the horizon.

Stay safe, cherish your loved ones and squeeze every moment of joy that you can out of this ride that we are on.

Best Wishes to you all.....  Simon

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