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The Source of Life

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The petrol-heads among us will recall a famous UK Top Gear Special when the (original) team went in search of the source of the Nile. A classic episode of the show...

Whist this photo shows a rather nice sunset, it also shows you the famous amphitheater escarpment of the Northern Drakensberg but also Mont-aux-Sources on the left side and it is there that some of the most important rivers in South Africa begin their journey to the seas (Indian and Atlantic) bringing life wherever they flow


So, for a few hours at least as I sat contemplating this beautiful scenery, I dreamed I had won the race against 3 motoring experts and done so without damaging my choice of car (A Million Bonus points to me then!)



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    WEBINAR - Shop Floor App - Latest Release Phase 5

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    Please join Shane Allen and Jean-Marie Darchicourt on Wednesday May 24th @ 10am CDT / 4PM BST, as they explore additional areas of the SYNCHRO ERP tablet APP for metal casters. This webinar will focus on time collection, subcontract receipts, material stock take, as well as non UID part inventory. If you are unable to attend, you can register and choose to receive an E mail copy of the presentation to view at your convenience.

  • Goat Man, Mouse man, Cat Man and now….Snake Man!

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    I have written a few blogs over a period of time, you may recall I had returned a young goat to its owner, trapped and released a mouse and rescued a very small kitten.


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