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Valentines Day

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Happy Valentines Day!

Years ago we used to go big on Valentines these days however we have a bit of fun and see who can get the best gifts for a budget of £10!

We also make sure all the children get a little something, love heart sweets or such so they feel part of it all too.

I was having a read and found some interesting facts i thought i'd share with you ..

- Valentine’s Day used to be called ‘San Valentin Day’ or ‘St. Valentine’s Day.'

- In the U.S., Valentine’s Day industry is at $14.7 billion.

- Cupid, a well-known Valentine's symbol, is the Roman god of love. His name translates to ‘desire.’ Cupid is son to Venus and Mars and has the image of a young man sharpening his arrows on an infant-blooded grindstone. However, business owners of the Victorian era birthed the god’s modern-day pudgy baby appearance in an attempt to adjust the holiday for children and women.

- Red hearts are the most prevalent Valentine symbol.
People once thought that the heart was the body part responsible for feeling love. With its role in pumping blood, it dragged along the association of the red color with blood.

- The phrase 'wearing your heart on your sleeve' is as old as the Middle Ages.
Back then, boys would draw girls’ names from a ballot in picking their ‘Valentine.’ They would then pin the selected name on their sleeve for one week.

- The mass production of Valentine's Day cards in the U.S. began in the 1840s.
Esther A. Howland, branded as the ‘Mother of American Valentine,’ takes the credit for the commercialization of the love cards in the country. Her trademark is the elaborately crafty cards adorned with lace and ribbons.

Enjoy the day and I hope it is filled with love.



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