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It’s a Bûche, not a log!

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Special religious festivities whatever the relation always involve the purchase and enjoyment of extra special foods.

I must also declare at this stage that I have.. hum… quite a sweet tooth. So it is no surprise then that when Christmas arrives, my thoughts turn to my childhood treats and one of them in particular…

The French ‘Bûche de Noël ’ which is the traditional Christmas cake in France and only available for a few days so there can be no cheating during the rest of the year (Unlike the ‘Easter’ Hot Cross Buns).

Patisseries all over the country will transform themselves to mainly only sell this traditional cake making it irresistible not to try one before the main event.

They come in different sizes and different flavours with Chocolate being the best ones for me and they have lovely decorations, some of them you can even eat!! Do not mistake it for a yuletide cake. These are far more complex in they’re conception and taste. These are mainly made from a genoise light cake topped with smooth buttercream.

Should you feel inclined to join me, you will find many recipes online to assist you


Happy Eating



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    Esta demonstración va demonstrar las funcionalidades de análisis de colada y trazabilidad. Esta es la tercera de una serie de 4 demonstraciones con objetivo de demonstrar las funcionalidades metalúrgicas del software. Es recomendado que ya tengas asistido las 2 otras demonstraciones de especificaciones de metales y control de horno. La próxima demonstración es de Certificación.


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