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Welcome Mikael

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Hello my name is Mikael and I am very happy to be joining the Synchro team, I thought I would pop on and tell you a little about myself ...

I have been around computer systems and supporting technology for most of my life, from a very young age helping mom and dad, friends and family fix their home computer, to later in my career, setting up and building work systems and implementing and tweaking software to help businesses optimize productivity.
In 2011, I opened a computer repair and service store in Canada, and after years of dedicated work, I was able to open multiple additional locations. It was a fantastic journey that gave me a wide skill-set but also allowed me to focus on learning what I LOVED to do, help find meaningful and well-rounded solutions using technology in business to solve problems that we all face.
After almost a decade of early mornings and late nights, seven days a week it was time for me to make a change and re-focus my life and do what I have worked with my clients to do, achieve a better work-life balance by having technology work for me, instead of working for technology.
My biggest take-away was learning that I absolutely love being hands-on, working with technology and forging relationships with the people I work with and on a daily basis.
After speaking with and getting to know Daniel, Linda, Kevin, Simon, Jean-Marie & the other very knowledgeable Synchro team members, I knew that the Synchro family was exactly where I wanted to be. I feel honoured that the Synchro team feels the same way about me!
Working in the foundry industry allows me to keep a set of work boots beside my desk for when I go visit foundries, something I am excited to do more and more. To meet the people we work with in person and at the same time dig into the organizational aspect of resource and time management is right up my alley and I could not be happier to be accepted so whole-heartedly into this wonderful team.

About me personally, I currently reside in the Okanagan Valley in Western Canada, where we can expect to experience fantastic sunny weather for a majority of the year and amazing ski hills for the other few months. I will take any opportunity to get on the water whenever possible and I am truly happy when it is sunny and bright outside! I’m an avid watcher and reader of sci-fi, but also love getting my hands dirty and working on vehicles. Restoring old vehicles has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember, and I am always looking for that next “rust bucket” to spend my evenings and weekends tinkering on until I get it just the way I envision it.

I look forward to getting to know you all.


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    WEBINAR - Weld Log Module (Concluded)

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    The Weld Log module enables Companies to track welding carried out on a casting (unique ID/Serial Number), by Job Number or Part Number. This will record the welder name, position of the weld on the casting, type or welding rods used, batch(s) of weld rod, quantity (& Weight) of rods used. A weld map, or multiple maps if tracked by job or part, can also be attached to show visually where each weld occurred. The welder will have access to the welding specifications stored against the part to make sure the weld falls within one of the specifications.

  • Team Catch up!

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    As many of you know our company is world wide!


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